Friday, March 11, 2011

Name That Bump


I wonder if you like our new game---Name That Bump. As you practice your obviously-advanced yoga moves in there------Bird of Paradise, Five Pointed Star, Extended Dancer-------I am (a bit obsessively) trying to figure out which protrusion might be your head, your booty, your elbows. These bulges appear at different places all the time and with varying degrees of force. We are playing together already. What fun!

So, an ultrasound this morning showed that you were nicely nestled with your head down and to the left while your bum was up and to the right. That was reassuring for me. The nurse was great--far more engaged than the doctor we saw 2 weeks ago. She was interested in hearing about our acupuncturist and what the recommendations are. She encouraged the daily practice of spending time on my hands and elbows to give you more space to move around and to discourage you choosing breech and getting stuck there. The nurse also said that there seems to still be a lot of room in there (which matches with my own experience of thinking that my belly really looks and feels rather elephantine) and that this means that baby position can still vary a lot.  I'm still bewildered by the doctor's demeanor and his complete omission of any suggestions for working with baby-positioning 2 weeks ago. I am formulating a plan for feedback for the OBGYN department. In the meanwhile, Peach, we'll keep hanging out on hands and elbows and burning moxa on my pinky toes and going to Dr. Pei for balancing our Chi. And you can keep moving around, that's fine with me. But in the next couple weeks, I want to remind you that your head down is going to be the best  choice for you and me both. Like Rek said, headstands and handstands are hard, but you can do it. And she promises to take you on a rebellious adventure AFTER you're born, so no need to do that right now.

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