Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nana December

Zora Zora My Zora. This is what Papa and I often call you. Zora Zora My Zora. I like to sing it.

Well, I'd like to back-track again and say a little bit about last December--even though it is April and you will be 1 year old next month!

What I want to say about December is that your Nana loves you. As described earlier, our original nanny plan fell through, but I still really needed to go back to work in November. As your Papa and I pieced together a plan for people to take care of you while we looked for a nanny for you, your Nana Lockman agreed to be part of the grand plan. Here's the especially sweet part of it, Zora. Nana had her hip replaced in July. This was a really big deal. It was not an easy surgery at all and the recovery, as determined as your Nana is, was pretty grueling. I talked to her on the phone a lot in July and August and September, and there were some pretty rough days--days of wondering if she'd ever feel better and if she'd ever be able to walk normally again.

Around October, when I asked Nana if she thought she could come take care of you for a few weeks in December, she still walked with a cane and had a very hard time with the daily basics of living. And she said, "Yes, get me a ticket. I want to come." And then, as Nana and I talked over the coming weeks, she got more and more motivated to get better so that she could be there for you in December. One day she called me up and told me that she was walking around her house that day carrying a heavy potted plant everywhere she went to simulate what it would be like to have to carry you around. Boy, do I wish I had a picture of that to post here!

So, the grandmas of our family really came to the rescue for you and me in November and December. It was lovely to see how they poured love in to you and how you delighted in being the object of their adoration. We are fortunate indeed! Here are some pictures of you with your Nana, from her December visit to us and then some more from our visit to her a week later for the winter holidays.

These pictures are taken in our backyard when Nana came to stay for a few weeks in December. 

What? MORE kisses? 

This was in Maine over the holidays. You seem to be letting Nana smell your  toes. 

When we visited Maine in December, Nana decided it was time to begin your "crawling boot camp". It was about another 6 weeks before you got up on your hands and knees and crawled. 

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