Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So, Zora is becoming quite a wordsmith, and quite a conversationalist. It is quite amazing to see and hear her try to join our conversations. As Mark and I talk and chat, she'll be toddling around and she'll repeat sometimes every 4th or 5th word she hears in our conversation. It's amazing. She is absolutely part of the conversation-----as we stop talking and laugh and acknowledge her so-very-articulate attempts to join us. It makes me wonder how her brain decides which words to repeat---are they the ones that sound most interesting, the easiest ones, the ones she's heard multiple times, or are they the words with some type of emphasis or importance in the sentence? I'm not sure even an expert linguist knows the answer.

Well, so this weekend, Zora got to go to her first wedding. It was a beautiful wedding on the coast of California, the wedding of dear girlfriends Julie and Michelle----an absolutely amazing union of two women. In their Jewish tradition, there are 7 blessings that close out the ceremony. And Julie and Michelle added one last blessing of their own at the end for MARRIAGE EQUALITY. When that final blessing was read, the officiant said, "And the people say Amen." It was an outdoor wedding and Zora was poking around far far in the back of the ceremony looking at flowers with her Papa while I stood a bit closer so I could see and hear the ritual. At that moment, from behind me, I heard Zora's voice shout, "Amen!" You go, Zora! Makes me think there is perhaps a good bit of wisdom in the words she chooses to repeat.....

Beautiful! Happy! Julie and Michelle!

Mama and Zora at the wedding. 

Mama hanging out with girlfriend Sarai. 

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