Friday, April 8, 2011

April Come She Will

My Little Peach.

I can hardly believe we'll get to meet in person soon.

About 25 weeks ago, we sent out a message to friends and family saying "April Come She Will", meaning that we knew we would birth a baby, YOU!, in April. We didn't know at that time that you were forming into a little girl, but it was fun to refer to the that sweet Simon and Garfunkle song. Some friends wrote back immediately saying they were excited for us, and especially excited that we were having a girl (an assumption they made based on the song title). We had to write back and say we actually didn't know that for a fact. Well, here you come, little girl. We are ready to greet you and love you and walk side by side with you for the years to come.

I am settling in to your pending birth being a reality. I guess you really could come at any minute-------like right now as I sit at the computer and you kick and kick to the funky music playing and the clicking of the keyboard. I'm planning on working for another week------lots of paperwork to finish up before I'm off the hook there! If you came now, my administrative director would not be pleased with my unfinished business. But you've shown no signs so far-------aside from the size of your home (!!!) and the constant movement that tells me that you are a fully formed and active human just out of my sight under this opaque flesh that separates us!

The first weeks of pregnancy brought up so many questions and it inspired my determination to have "effective worry". The middle part of pregnancy brought more peaceful preparation. This final stretch has brought much more bodily discomfort and a bit of resurgence of the worry-mind. What have we chosen to do! What a commitment! Labor is imminent. I want so much to labor naturally with you, Peach, and there has been noise and fuss from the medical community about the possible need to have a cesarean delivery. It has come up again this week simply because you, My Little Peach, have not "dropped" yet. The doctors would like to see you a bit more readily positioned for labor---put your little nogin lower in my pelvis so that if your cozy little water sac-home ruptures, your head will block the way so that your umbillical cord, your lifeline, does not fall in there first and get caught. Ugh, a very very bad scenario. Ah, all the things the doctors would have me worry about! They are wondering why you haven't dropped yet. Something anatomical in me? What about the fact that you took your time getting in to a head-down position? Maybe you are just taking your time with this whole "dropping" process too. I am choosing not to worry. And I've doubled my walking routine (Tired feet!!!! I weigh, gulp, 180 pounds!) as part of my plan to  help you drop. And Papa Mark is in agreement. He's not worried about you. He said that you are very likely going to be a Taurus, and that you are perfectly in character to take things at your own pace. And he is smiling as he says this. And laughing at his own fate as he realizes that he may very well learn some very powerful lessons as he learns to live life at your pace rather than his (Fast!). 

Drop when you are ready, Peach. I can wait. 

It is April. We have been dreaming of you for over 38 weeks now. Come when you are ready. We are ready. 

Mama and Papa in front of our little home. Teacup's wagon in the background.  I'm sure she'll be happy to have you take it over!

Mama and Papa in the Open Space across the street. 

Mama and Lisa, key "Team Peach" member who will be attending your arrival!


  1. Wooooo Hoooooo , You look BIG BIG AND BEAUTIFUL. LOVE THE COLOR
    PEACH, yes, wonderful girl, she will come when SHE is ready. That will
    be some baby. I am sooo excited to see her. Hang in there (what else can you do, right?) and baby, you are ahangin' She'll drop just right, you'll see.

  2. YOU LOOK SO GORGEOUS!!! can't wait for lil peach!!