Saturday, April 30, 2011


Peach. A human in a human.

We've got some time yet. The doctors had our "due date" wrong. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew this, but it didn't become that important until I realized we were going to be pushed to have induced labor, which I really did NOT want for either of us. Induced labor can be harder on both of us and can end up in more problems than if we declare labor naturally. Which is what I hope we'll do sometime soon! Anyway, due date was yesterday instead of last week. So we have almost 2 weeks until that critical 42 weeks where it's important to get you out of me. I'm feeling like you'll come before that--things are definitely shifting in many ways.

This continues to be an amazing and contemplative time for me as I watch my belly literally quake and quiver with your movements. I sing to you and you move more. You push one of your appendages outward and Papa Mark pushes back on it and you push back even harder. Play. Let's play! And I swear Teacup enjoys having her face pressed up against your home more than she ever used to. This old dog seems to be hanging around to meet you. Come soon, Peach. She's an old old dog.

Peach, I've been thinking so much about my own Mama. Debbie. Deborah Jean Lockman. She carried me around in her belly for 40 weeks, just like I've done for you. I was the human in the human! She breathed for me for 40 weeks. She pumped blood for me for 40 weeks. She ate and drank for me for 40 weeks. 40 weeks, I have come to understand, is quite a good long time to stay dedicated to something. Mama built me out of her own tissue and energy. I can hardly believe she did that for me. And that was just the beginning. She did a lot more than that. She and my Papa loved me. They did their very best. And for whatever complaints I have voiced, mostly in some rebellious adolescent years, their very best was good. I am so grateful. So amazed. I was the human in the human, Peach, just like you now are the human in the human. And now 38 years later I feel like I'm realizing so vividly, so poignantly, what my mother did for me. She breathed for me for 40 weeks. Peach, I've been breathing for you for 40 weeks now. So gladly. So willingly. And this is just the beginning. I hope my very best efforts at parenting will be enough to launch you into a life of love and laughter and happiness.

Mama Debbie recently found the baby book she kept for and about me for the first five years of my life. She sent it to me in the mail. It is called "My Growing Up Book". I look at my mother's handwriting "Melissa finally (finally) rolled over today!" It is the same handwriting that I know so well from the many notes and letters I've seen over the years from my mother. But she was 24 when she wrote those words. I almost can't make sense of the fact that it is the same person who wrote those words 38 years ago who also wrote me a note last week and sent me some gifts for you. She was my mother when she wrote so excitedly about me rolling over. And she was my mother when she sent the care package last week. Same mother, same handwriting, same mother. Then. Now. Always. She documented all of those things that a mother might be excited about---first teeth, first time walking, what I got for my first birthday. She glued the pictures into the designated spots. Melissa at 1 year old, at 2, at 3......Me, a baby. I was the human in the human, Peach, just like now you are my little Peach human in a human. My mother did this too, this pregnancy adventure. All of our mothers did this. We were ALL the human in the human. ALL of our mothers breathed for us for 40 weeks. And birthed us. And began the journey of parenting us. So much hope. Babies give us so much hope. That we can get it right, that we can do just a little better, or a little different than our own parents. Yes, so much hope.  That you'll be happy. That you'll be happy to be alive, to be our child, to give this Planet Earth your best effort. That you'll live long. That we'll be friends long into our lives and beyond. 

Here are (a bunch!!!) of pictures of some of your family, Peach. Thanks to your uncle Mo for scanning these!

Mama Debbie!

Mama Melissa at about 15 months old.

Mama Melissa in the sink. 

Mama Melissa

Mama Melissa licking the cake bowl on her first birthday. 

Mama Debbie--how old? 5ish?

Mama Debbie and her big brother George. 

Mama Melissa and dog Zeek with Melissa's clothes on. Who did this?!

Mama Melissa is the baby--with Papa Larry and sisters Jody and Christy.

Family photo. Add in little brother Mark. 

Mama Debbie with baby Melissa.

Happy sisters Jody and Christy.

Hippee Mama Debbie in the garden. 

Hippee Papa Larry with Melissa on his shoulders.

Mama Debbie and Papa Larry's wedding. 

Mama Melissa and her cat Sunny.

Melissa and sister Jody.

Mama Debbie.

Mama Melissa with good old friends Jackson and Isaiah. 

Mama Melissa with Jackson.

Mama Debbie and Mama Melissa.

Mama Melissa sitting in the woodbox at Sunny Slopes Farm. 

Mama Melissa.

Mama Debbie. 

Mama Debbie and Papa Larry's wedding. 

Mama Debbie pregnant with Mama Melissa.

Mama Debbie and Mama Melissa.

Mama Debbie and Mama Melissa.

Mama Melissa sitting in the toy box Mama Debbie made for her. 

Papa Larry practicing unsafe biking with baby Melissa! Where's your helmet?!

Papa Larry with newborn Melissa.

Mama Melissa.

Family photo.


  1. Loved seeing these old pictures! The one of you on the snowy road is absolutely precious. Glad you have some extra time.

  2. Oh my gosh, you and your mother look JUST alike!! Wonderful! :)